«Aura» - is specialized centre, that offers best non-surgical methods of aesthetic medicine for body correction! Our specialists use the most modern technologies and equipment, which allows to solve most part of aesthetic problems (undesirable hair, overweight, cellulite, age-related changes, skin problems, etc.) without use plastic surgery. In our arsenal - laser epilation, laser rejuvenation, hardware cosmetology, mesotherapy, contour plastic, myostimulation, pressotherapy and also wrapping and massage, as well as
and massage massage. Centre «Aura» equipped with most modern innovation equipment. We successfully use complex programs of laser epilation, programs of weight correction and cellulite treatment. We successfully use complex programs of laser epilation, complex programs of weight correction and cellulite treatment. We will help you to get excellent, toned figure and beautiful, smooth skin!


We use innovation development in sphere of laser technologies: diode laser “MeDioStar XT” (Germany) and laser for non surgical rejuvenation MCL- 30 Dermablate (Germany)

For cellulite treatment we use an unique apparatus “Vela Shape” of company SYNERON MEDICAL (USA).

Each cosmetologist of Centre “Aura” has higher medical education as well as certificate for work with laser equipment.

We guarantee to you undoubted quality of laser and cosmetic treatments and offer to you loyal prices We save your means! Get evidence in that! super profitable discounts, popular combined programs of laser epilation, exclusive complex anti-cellulite programs, saving discounts. We save your means! Get evidence in that!

Centers of “Aura” comfortably located in Kiev nearby underground railway stations “Goloseevska” and “Theatralna” and works everyday from 10:00 to 20:00 without weekends.

Modern Beauty Centre Aura offers wide spectrum of laser and cosmetic services

Laser epilation

If you value your time and want to find not just a way to hair epilation, but a wonderful means of removing hair permanently, the new method of laser epilation with a diode laser «MeDioStar» (Germany) - your choice!

Essence of the method laser epilation is that the hair removal occurs through the selective action of laser energy to the hair follicle pigment (melanin).

Of course, you can continue to use wax, razor or depilatory cream. But why all this, if using the latest laser epilation we can save you from the problem of undesirable hair once and forever?


Laser rejuvenation

This is method of rejuvenation and healing the skin with intense laser impact.

The procedure of laser rejuvenation on laser diode "MeDioStar” (Germany) ), effectively suspends the process of aging facial and neck skin, décolleté and hands. In addition, the skin rejuvenation by using a laser - an efficient way to achieve a good facelift.

This treatment effectively suspends the aging face, neck, décolleté and hands. In addition, the rejuvenation of the skin with a laser - an efficient way to achieve a good facelift.


Laser pilling

Would you like to stand on a par with Hollywood stars? Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and even more thousands of names! The secret of their enduring and smooth skin uncovered! This is - laser MCL-30 Dermablate (Germany)! A magazine «Tatler» called fractional laser thermolysis of MCL-30 Dermablate (Germany), the most popular «anti - age» procedure of the 21st century!

Centre "Aura" presents a laser "Fraxel» / MCL-30 Dermablate (Germany). This is - a new era in non-surgical facial and body rejuvenation.


Laser therapy of acne

Laser therapy of acne with the use of a diode laser "MeDioStar (MeDioStar)» (Germany) is an excellent alternative to traditional methods.

The method of laser therapy for acne treatment consists in heating the skin with a partial destruction of sebaceous - cells lining the ducts of the sebaceous glands. This reduces the production of sebum, which is one of the leading mechanisms for the development of acne.


Laser removal of pigmentation

The shade of our skin depends from the extending of melanin in it. By some reasons that includes the sun effect, hormonal changes and also abnormalities in the function of gastrointestinal tract, in some areas of skin are happen multiple increase of melanin content. It leads to the appearance of skin pigmentation.

In the centre “Aura” to remove pigment spots is used the innovative development in sphere of laser technologies – diode laser “MeDioStar” of company Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH (Germany).



Wrapping - a whole complex of procedures, which provide a mechanism affecting not only on such a topical issue, as cellulite. The main purpose of wrapping - is a one-time maximum reduction in body volume. Processes that are started during the procedure provide an opportunity to speed up the metabolic processes occurring in the subcutaneous fat.



Mesotherapy today is one of most popular directions in cosmetology. The mesotherapy is introducing into the deep skin layers the special medical cocktails due to special micro injections. As the composition of injections prepares individually, and spectrum of use ingredients is very wide, mesotherapy can solve multi-faceted tasks.

The achieved result always based on the improvement of health, because mesotherapy restores the physiological processes in problem areas, and it does not disappear instantly. Most often, second course should be in 6-18 months.


Facial contour plastic

Facial contour plastic - is the most effective for today alternative to plastic surgery, giving a visible anti-aging results without surgery. With the help of contour plastic can be increase the volume of the lips, rid of wrinkles, tighten the facial contour, change the form of the nose and solve a lot of other, more complex problems.



Biorevitalization - a method of intradermal injections of unmodified hyaluronic acid, allowing the provision of soft stimulating effect on the cells of the dermal layer of skin. The consequence of this restructuring is the dermis, which outwardly appears by expressed rejuvenation of the skin.

Revitalizing therapy - stimulation of the biological processes of the natural metabolism of the skin. This is due to the drugs based on hyaluronic acid and collagen.


BOTOX injections

For today one of the most popular and effective treatments to remove wrinkles and for skin rejuvenation – is Botox injections. The drug "Botox" is introduced with the finest needles in an area of skin which is most susceptible to wrinkles. Such places usually are vertical lines on the nose, the frontal muscle (the most active muscles of the face), and the area around the eyes, where localized "crow's feet." "BOTOX" instantly relaxes facial muscles of the face, smoothing out wrinkles.


Chemical peeling

In simple terms, the chemical peeling of the face (or chemical surgery) - is an intentional violation of the integrity the upper layers of skin using chemicals. Inflammatory reaction that occurs after such procedure causes enhance of the process of regeneration and renewal of skin cells.

At the modern beauty centre "AURA", we offer 4 types of peeling with three levels of exposure (surface, middle, deep), and various price categories (Economy, Deluxe, Platinum)


Figure correction

We present you a new technology for the figure correction - apparatus Vela Shape of company SYNERON MEDICAL (США).

«Vela Shape» - is an apparatus of innovative elos-technology for the treatment of cellulite, non-surgical removal of fat deposits and sagging skin.

«Vela Shape» - is a simple, unobtrusive, comfortable treatment without separation from everyday life.